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Endorsements (partial list) 

I am very grateful to the following residents and organizations who have honored me with their support in my work for justice and a better community.



  • Texas Right to Life


  • Conservative Republicans of Harris County

CRHC logo Transparent

Conservative Republicans of Texas



Texas Conservative Review

Gary Polland's Texas Conservative Review

Katy Christian Magazine

Katy Christian Magazine

Texas Home School Coalition
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Empower Texans

P.O.L.I.C.E., Inc. (Police Officers Looking Into Courtroom Excellence)

Houston Police Officers' Union PAC

Pasadena Police Officers' Union, Local PAC 1114
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National Nonpartisan Latino Peace Officers Association for Law & Order, Southeast Harris County Chapter
NLPOA Houston

Houston Police Retired Officers Association


La Porte Police Officers Association
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Mexican-American Bar Association of Houston
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Latinos for Trump



MLK Association of Houston


Harris County Commissioner Jack Cagle, Precinct 4; attorney and former Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 1
Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4

Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman, Precinct 2; and attorney
Harris County Precinct 2

Harris County Constable Phil Sandlin, Precinct 8
Constable PCT 8 badge

Harris County Constable Ted Heap, Precinct 5

Harris County Constable Mark Herman, Precinct 4

Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel; and attorney
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State Senator Larry Taylor, SD 11
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State Representative Dennis Paul, District 129; former SREC SD 11
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  • Judge Paul Pressler, Court of Appeals of Texas, Retired
  • Judge Levi Benton, 215th Civil District Court (Harris County), Retired
  • Hon. Robert Talton (former State Representative, District 144)
  • Hon. Martha Wong (former State Representative, District 134; and former Houston Councilmember)


  • Mayor Jeff Wagner, Pasadenaretired Houston Police Officer; former board member of HPOU
  • Mayor Louis Rigby, La Porte
  • Mayor Thom Kolupski, Seabrook
  • Mayor John Keeney, Taylor Lake Village
  • Renee Ditta
  • Dr. Danny Williamson
  • Stephen Dean
  • Barry Beasley, former Mayor of La Porte
  • Councilmember Nancy Ojeda, La Porte; Precinct 716 Chair
  • Councilmember Phil Cayten, Pasadena
  • Councilmember Bruce Leamon, Pasadena
  • Councilmember Thomas Schoenbein, Pasadena
  • Councilmember Greg Holden, Jersey Village
  • Board Trustee Eric Dick, Harris County Department of Education
  • Board Trustee Darcy Mingoia, Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D.
  • Board Trustee Charles Cunningham, Humble I.S.D.; Precinct 599 Chair
  • Board Trustee David Janda, La Porte I.S.D.
  • Steve Coycault, Texas Silver-Haired Legislature member and Finance Committee member for Harris County; U.S. Air Force Veteran
  • Marie Flickinger


  • Steven F. Hotze, M.D., CEO, Conservative Republicans of Harris County
  • Gary Polland, Editor, Texas Conservative Review; former Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party
  • Jeff Yates, former Executive Director of the Harris County Republican Party
  • Jared Woodfill, former Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party; President, Conservative Republicans of Harris County
  • Tex Christopher
  • Chris McDonald, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 6
  • Mark S. Ramsey, P.E., State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 7 (member of Officials, Rules, and Resolutions Committees); Chairman of the 2018 Republican Party of Texas State Platform Committee; Texas Tech Distinguished Engineer
  • Tanya Robertson, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 11
  • J.T. Edwards, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 11
  • Dale Gibble, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 13
  • Marvin Clede, State Republican Executive Committee, Senate District 17; and Precinct 8 Chair
  • Dawn McDonald, Precinct 996 Chair; Past President San Jacinto Republican Women
  • Glenda Bowles, former SREC, SD 6
  • Larry Bowles, former SD 6 Chair; current Precinct 211 Chair
  • Rex Teter, Senate District 6 Chair; former SREC SD 6, current Precinct 302 Chair
  • Clint Moore, former SREC SD 7; current Precinct 110 Chair
  • David Riddle, Senate District 7 Chair; and Precinct 114 Chair
  • Scott Bowen, Senate District 11 Chair; and Precinct 416 Chair
  • Alice Rekeweg, Senate District 4 Chair; and Precinct 459 Chair
  • Glenn Rekeweg
  • Norma Jeter, Vice-President of Texas Tea Party Republican Women; 2012 Harris County Republican Party Volunteer of the Year; and 2011 Senate District 7 Volunteer of the Year
  • Sherry Peterson, Past President of Texas Federation of Republican Women; Past President of Greater Houson Council of Federated Republican Women; and Past President of West Pearland Republican Women
  • Beverly Roberts, Area Director for the pro-life group Concerned Women for America of Texas
  • Beverly Ferguson, Vice-President of Bay Area Republican Women; Chaplain for Harris County Republican Party; and Precinct 470 Chair
  • Kathy Rogers, Delegate to the Republican National Convention
  • Debbie Roan, Past President of Bay Area Republican Women; and current District Director of Texas Federation of Republican Women, District 11
  • Deborah Kelting 
  • Tammy Barrier, Immediate Past President of Bay Area Republican Women
  • Christina Elguezabal, Past President of Bay Area Republican Women
  • Jan Bailey, Bay Area Republican Women
  • Gaylyn DeVine, Bay Area Republican Women
  • Edie Holland, Bay Area Republican Women, San Jacinto Republican Women
  • Cindy Kuenneke, Bay Area Republican Women
  • Jean Raffetto, Bay Area Republican Women
  • Joyce Taylor, Bay Area Republican Women
  • Sharon Slover
  • Bruce Slover
  • David Branham, Professor of Humanities & Social Sciences, UH Downtown
  • Tony Gar-cee
  • Leonila Oliveras
  • Marina Trevino
  • Keith Hall
  • Jennifer Hall, Texas Tea Party Republican Women
  • Mike Cade
  • George DeVine
  • James and Pam Guthrie
  • Mariah Guthrie
  • Sherrel Brantley, San Jacinto Republican Women
  • Joanne Cade, San Jacinto Republican Women
  • Bonnie Schoenbein, San Jacinto Republican Women
  • Ginny Wagner, San Jacinto Republican Women
  • Barbara Legler, former State Representative, District 144; and Past President of San Jacinto Republican Women
  • Bruce Walters, former Councilmember
  • Travis Walker
  • Dianne Williams
  • Mike Robertson, Past President of Clear Lake Area Republicans; and current Precinct 415 Chair
  • Stanley Briers, former SD 11 Chair; and current Precinct 703 Chair
  • Gig Rohmfeld, Precinct Chair; Chaplain for La Porte P.D. and Pasadena P.D.
  • Ronda Smith, Precinct 28 Chair
  • Bob Hall, Precinct 43 Chair
  • Heather Jamison, Precinct 76 Chair
  • Randy Elms, Precinct 90 Chair
  • Patricia Ann Morlen, Precinct 98 Chair
  • Howard Barker, Precinct 121 Chair
  • Itze Soliz, Precinct 123 Chair 
  • Art Oswald, Precinct 174 Chair
  • Carmen Cuneo, Precinct 210 Chair
  • Tom Zakes, Precinct 221 Chair
  • Bobbie Barker, Precinct 231 Chair
  • Thad Scott, Precinct 264 Chair
  • Giovanna "Givvie" Searcy, Precinct 278 Chair
  • Stephen Rushing, Precinct 307 Chair
  • Peggy Rushing
  • Ann Lee, Precinct 315 Chair
  • Vito Garcia, Precinct 330 Chair
  • Danny Schnautz, Precinct 348 Chair
  • Jeff Larson, Precinct 349 Chair
  • Aman Ahluwalia, Precinct 350 Chair
  • Kaaren Cambio, Precinct Chair 351
  • Bob Price, Precinct 357 Chair
  • Diane Peirson, Precinct 375 Chair
  • David Jennings, Precinct 377 Chair
  • Tom Cottar, Precinct 386 Chair
  • Frances Nussbaum, Precinct 391 Chair
  • Donna Beard Lavoie, Precinct 397 Chair
  • Josh Flynn, Precinct 407 Chair
  • Jamie Jamison, Jr., Precinct 418 Chair
  • Ed Johnson, Precinct 440 Chair
  • Roseanne Rodriguez, Precinct 464 Chair
  • Phillip Webb, Precinct 474 Chair
  • Steven Williams, Precinct 476 Chair
  • Rodney Deschamps. Precinct 479 Chair
  • Melissa Rowell, Precinct 480 Chair
  • Ann Pavalock, Precinct 481 Chair
  • Blanche Aguilar, Precinct 483 Chair
  • Ralph Fite, Precinct 499 Chair
  • Allen Anderson, Precinct 502 Chair
  • "Perky" Priscilla Savage, Precinct 519 Chair
  • Ryan Rowley, Precinct 545 Chair
  • Marc Cowart, Precinct 548 Chair
  • Alexie Swirsky, Precinct 597 Chair
  • George May, Precinct 612 Chair
  • Marsha Asplin, Precinct 619 Chair
  • Mark D. Poehlmann, Precinct 626 Chair
  • Mike Pollak, Precinct 629 Chair
  • Leslie Shatto, Precinct 636 Chair; Vice-Chair, H.C.R.P. Training & Development Committee
  • Amy Powell, Precinct 641 Chair
  • Dale Huls, Precinct 655 Chair
  • Mary Huls
  • Robert Jeter, Precinct 662 Chair
  • Tiffany Patenaude, Precinct 673 Chair
  • Karen Price, Precinct 679 Chair
  • Cody Roberts, Precinct 688 Chair
  • Ron Plante, Precinct 718 Chair
  • Karen Plante, Precinct 718 Captain
  • Dennis Thornton, Precinct 721 Chair
  • Dee Carroll, Precinct 728 Chair 
  • Joe Spence, Precinct 732 Chair
  • Jay Lewchanin, Precinct 748 Chair
  • Christopher Okwegba, Precinct 773 Chair
  • Kenneth Moore, Precinct 793 Chair
  • Clay Mills, Precinct 847 Chair
  • DeeAnn LaRue, Precinct 874 Chair
  • Brian Vachris, Precinct 885 Chair
  • Dave Tonyan, Precinct 890 Chair
  • Stuart Mayper, former Precinct 492 Chair
  • Melissa Smith
  • Tamara Zalud
  • Nick Zalud
  • Fred Flickinger
  • Dylan Glass
  • Carlin Mothersbaugh
  • Kellie Richard
  • Burt Levine, former young Republicans Vice-President
  • Sandra Renee Levine, former young Republicans Secretary
  • Tommie Lee, Community Volunteer
  • Charles Davis, Community Volunteer
  • Gene Hollier, Community Volunteer
  • Emmeline Dodd, Community Volunteer
  • Cheryl Austin, Political Activist/Active Volunteer
  • Oscar Mendoza
  • Terry Brotherton
  • Maria Brock
  • Gloria Bryant
  • Jeff and Susan Croft
  • David Escobar
  • Geoff Fieldbinder
  • Patrick Fleming
  • Barbara Hill
  • Sherrie Louden
  • Jose Martinez
  • Mark and Cindy Parmer
  • Marie Rush
  • Madeline Russell
  • Chris Smith
  • Jean and Ross Ruland
  • Vicky Smith
  • Tom Boone
  • Roger and Kathie Russell
  • Connie and Philip Ratisseau
  • Ho-Jun Lee
  • Molly Flannery
  • Kelley Flannery
  • James Salmon


Harris County Commissioner Jack Cagle

Harris County Commissioner Jack Mormon

Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel

Judge Paul Pressler, Court of Appeals of Texas, Retired

Levi Benton & Associates, P.L.L.C.

Judge Levi Benton, 215th Civil District Court (Harris County), Retired

Hon. Robert Talton (former State Representative, District 144)

Gary Polland

Jared Woodfill

Charles Eskridge

Lee Clark

John Schneider

Elizabeth Varghese

Olson & Olson, L.L.P.

Todd Stewart

Pat Haden

Fisher, Boyd, Johnson & Huguenard, L.L.P.

Wayne Fisher

Bernard Johnson

Bill Helfand

Norman Giles

Jim Berry

Greg Cagle

Eric Dick

Jim Fox

Robert W. Gibbs, Jr.

Alexander Gurevich

Carl Haddad

Pat Haggerty

Jeff Heintschel

David Janda

Richard Langenstein

Pat Monks

Steven Mitby

Mark D. Poehlmann

Tasha Ricks

Rebecca Rowland

Stephen Rushing

Don Self

Marilyn Sims

Don Smith

Ryan Snider

Itze Soliz

Tom Zakes